Absolute IDD 1504

There is no need to pay a premium to call your love ones overseas.  With Absolute iDD1504, calling overseas can never be more cost-effective and convenient.  Register with Absolute iDD1504 and you will get clear communications with our state-of-the-art global network, excellent customer service, precise billing and terrific rates. Absolute iDD1504 keeps you in touch with your family and associates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • No Registration Fee
  • No Monthly Charges
  • Crystal Clear Quality
  • Customised billing for corporate users

Absolute Roaming

Absolute International Roaming allows user to receive phone calls or make out-going calls when traveling oversea. Absolute’s customer can enjoy as high as 80% savings compared to the auto roaming service provided by the mobile operators. What’s more call quality is crystal clear.

  • Absolute Roaming FollowMe (RFM)
    Customer simply forward their mobile calls to the oversea  mobile phone and receive phone calls wherever they go!
  • Absolute Roaming Callback (RCB)
    Customer enjoy great savings when using Absolute Roaming Callback to call home or any other destinations.

Absolute Prepaid cards

Absolute Telecom has a prepaid calling card to suit all your needs. It allows you to connect from any phones available and requires no registration. Whether you want to reach business associates or friends and family, Absolute Telecom’s state of the art infrastructure together with reliable global connectivity will ensure crystal clear and cost effective IDD services each time, everywhere.

Accede partnered with IDD 1504 to offer low-cost IDD calls and integrated seamlessly with 3CX Phone System, users do not need to dial the necessary prefix for low-cost IDD calls and direct IDD calls, automatic pre-configure in 3CX Phone system. Users can also by-pass to call direct if necessary.
For more information, contact us or quote Ref Code: ACC-1504.